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Jan 19, 2013 2:05pm EST
their steve was using the services of a professional woman you can imagine lincoln of stairs trying to mind is on business. in lincoln basically says, you know, have to have a woman. it's been too long. only abraham lincoln would do this. it appears that he asked for a letter of introduction a professional woman and a double in agriculture. what we have pieced together, lincoln visit the prostitute. he had maybe $3 with him, which was a lot of money. not eliot spitzer money, but a pretty fair amount of money. the prostitute apparently charges lincoln $5 which was an enormous amount of money at the time. lincoln center, ma'am, i have to tell you, on the state, i can't afford it. i only have three. what we know is either because lincoln got embarrassed or his honor get the best of him, but when she said, you can either pay me later or maybe this one is on the house he ran out the door. they say when you visit a prostitute there should always be happy ending. what i thought i would do for my remarks today is tell you a couple of my favorite stories, not just about mistresses and history, but m
Jan 20, 2013 6:00pm EST
in washington and in los angeles, steve in sioux falls south dakota, grant in western virginia, daniel and arkansas and i think that you know gary in pennsylvania. a billion in m. adel new york and rich in greenville wisconsin few in parker colorado. it's a pleasure to have you in the shop not long ago from louisville and dave who got your book signed just before we got on the line here. we have more books from harold to sign and many others that were not speaking about here but we think he wall and appreciate your helping independent book dealers. so many things to go to and in no particular order i am going to go into lbj for a moment, because you speak about his putting together in this period his cabinet. and i think there is a parallel with lbj who said, and you will have to pardon me this is a quote from a president why did he bring certain people who are not of his political persuasion into his cabinet, and you said well i would rather have them in the tent pissing out and outside pissing in. [laughter] >> hubert inside of the tent, but you know, i don't want to stir controversy
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2